The european travelling climber: Spring in Kompanj, Fontainebleau and Arco –  Summer in Paklenica, Zillertal and the High Mountains –  Fall at the local crags &  Winter in Siurana, Kalymnos and Geyikbayiri

But – Climbing in Bosnia and Herzegovina?


To all the curious climber souls, wandering minds and the “i’ve seen it alls”: Good news are, there still are a few spots on the map that are off the beaten path – Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country rich with diverse forested mountain landscapes, quiet villages, welcoming locals, great food and an enormous abundance of uncharted and unnamed limestone!

We invite you to share our rock and the privacy of our climbing areas with us. Lets get together and celebrate a european climbing culture and a region where one can still experience the ‘pioneers of the vertical’ spirit – Exploring, bolting and first ascents.

The bolting festival will be focused on the development of the (mainly virgin) Canyon, where we will set up camp for 10 days. Due to the alpine terrain, experience with multipitch – climbing, steep approaches and loose – rock is advised! For less experienced climbers who want to join us, we can point out some nearby sport climbing areas.


  • If you are a routesetter and you would like to visit, explore and help us with bolting new routes – be it hard & steep endurance hammers, slabby old-skool stuff,  classic ridge line scrambling or establishing some trad lines – please contact us using the contact form.  Bolts and anchors will be provided on a first-come first-serve basis, according to the registration on our website.

!!! Due to the alpine character, solid multipitch climbing experience will be an absolute requirement for all bolters. In order to ensure safety and a good atmosphere among all participants, the bolters are asked to share the rock in a cooperative  fashion, engage in a small amount of coordination with the festival organizers and to respect the local bolting ethics !!!

  • If you are new to bolting but would like to join us and share your love for climbing or the outdoors, your help will be more than needed. Just drop us a line.
  • And for everyone else who wants to just climb or explore a new area off the beaten path, hike or hang out by the fire, we should be able to arrange something for you as well.


 Everyone – Please register or drop us an email or sms so we can plan ahead for the logistics and the distribution of material


The closer you get to real matter, rock, air, fire and wood, boy, the more spiritual the world is. [..] Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.

Jack Kerouac

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Verena Moschitz says:

    Hi. I just read about drill and chill. Is it still possible to join? How much does it cost? And until what date do u have to know for sure if i join ? I also ask two friends of mine 😉
    Kind regads verena

  2. David Lemmerer says:

    Hi Verena, Yes its still possible, please ask your friends 🙂 the participation is free, the sooner we know the better we can plan ahead for everyone. Wrote you a PM about details. cheers

  3. Mayia The Bee says:

    Hello David! I am also interested to join and maybe a couple of friends as well. Could you please send me some more details about the accommodation, lodging possibilities and how to come there?

  4. David Lemmerer says:

    Hi Mayia, Thanks for your interest in the climbing festival! That kind of depends what you would want to do so I’ll write you a PM to answer your question 😉 Cheers david

  5. Nace Grgorinič says:

    Hi a group of us slovenians have planned to come and help out. I am not yet an alpinist by formalities but have been climbing all my life. I could almost definetly bring a SDS akku drill. Havent realy bolted routs by my self yet, did many anchors in concrete and some in rock. I would realy appreciate the opportunity to learn this skill.
    So to say our main objective is to set up a highline if and where it is possible. Probably coming downthere on 19th or so. Thanks

  6. David Lemmerer says:

    Thanks Tomislav!

    In the next days i will contact everyone that is coming to post a list on Facebook who will be driving and still has space for Ridesharing..

    Cheers, David


  7. David Lemmerer says:

    Hi Nace!

    Cool you’re coming, sounds good! There will be many opportunities to learn new things and have fun here. For highlining there will also be a team from Vienna Slackliners, the UK and very likely some slovenian Highliners. If you have and can bring a drill and bolting tools (Gri Gri, Ascension / Jumars, a long rope ..) that would be great, if not we will just have to organize sharing the equipment 😉

    Can you please register on http://drillandchillfestival.com/contact/ so i have your details, i will get back to you in a private message about everything else asap!

    Thanks, Cheers! David


  8. http://mountainproject.com/ says:

    Hi, I am traveling around Europe by motorcycle. Unfortunately I have absolutely no climbing equipment with me. Can I still stop by for a day or two? I am currently in Croatia and I already planned to be in BIH at the start of this festival.


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